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Yasushi Takagi (高木 泰士 (たかぎ やすし) Takagi Yasushi), commonly known by his nickname Yasu (ヤス), was the drummer of the punk band, Black Stones. He handled most of the band's business related matters. Yasu previously studied to become a paralegal, but gave it up to move to Tokyo. He was a long-time friend of Ren Honjo, with whom he was in in two bands, Brute and Blast.


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When he was little, both of Yasu's parents were killed in a car accident, and was therefore put into the same orphanage as Ren. Though he was adopted by the Tagagi couple while still in grade school (at age of 9), they still remained close as brothers. Later he became the drummer for Ren's band Brute. He is older then others, only one of them who has higher education and their band's leader, so Nobu sometimes teases him by calling him "old man". In high school he dated Reira, but he was jealous of Reira's feelings for Takumi, which he later relates as the reasons for their break up. Ever since he met Nana, Yasu has been an older brother figure for Nana O. and sometimes Nobu, and acted as Nana's "guardian" when she arrived in Tokyo. While he admits to being in love with her, he baits Ren to rekindle their love for each other. Ren says that Yasu "always stood back and let [Ren] have what ever he wanted" to Reira in chapter 53. Nana realizes that Yasu will always consider Ren's feelings first, and the reason Yasu will never pursue his feelings for Nana is not that he is "a prude" or loves her like a sister but because she is Ren's girlfriend. He looks after her in place of Ren, who can not.

He is in a budding romance with Miu to the surprise of Ren and others, who thought he would date Reira again. When Nana sees him with Miu having breakfast she immediately assumes they had sex and is obviously hurt by this thought, avoiding Yasu and even comically screaming that she does not care who he sleeps with. After, Yasu asks her if she is alright (Referring to the hangover she was complaining of when she entered his room).

Physical appearance

Yasu formerly had a full head of hair, but shaved it off one day and continued to do so. As such, many people jokingly called him "Baldy." Yasu was almost always seen wearing shades. Yasu's sharp eyes and thin eyebrows gave him a somewhat menacing appearance. He often wore suits, or other formal, business-like clothes. Yasu had five piercings in his left ear, one in his nose, and four in his right ear. Sometimes, he was seen with one on his eyebrow. Additionally, Yasu was also often seen wearing a scorpion ring.

Personality and traits

At heart, Yasu was a trustworthy and caring person. Among his friends, he was probably the most selfless, mature, and thoughtful. Yasu was usually quite serious and spoke in a monotone voice.

Behind the scenes

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Character notes


  • He is portrayed by Tomomi Maruyama in Nana (2005) and its 2006 sequel.
  • Yasu is voiced by Yoshihisa Kawahara in the Nana anime.



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