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Shion (詩音) is the president of Blast's Private Fan Club who is especially a big-time fan of Yasushi Takagi that she still keeps in contact with.

She has a dependency on a rich man whom she calls a "father." Apparently, he is not biological.

Physical appearance

Shion is beautiful young woman with dark brown hair that is always changing and light-colored or dark-colored eyes.

When she was a young teen, she kept her hair in a bobcut for a short while and later dyed it blonde. However, as an adult her hair is long, dark and curled. The only traits that are not changed are the mole under her left eye and the cross tattoo on her right arm.

Personality and traits


Behind the scenes

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  • The name Shion means "poem" (詩) (shi) and "sound" (音) (on).