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Shinichi Okazaki (岡崎 真一 (おかざき しんいち) , Okazaki Shin'ichi), also known as Shin (シン), was the bass player for the punk band, the Black Stones.


Shinichi became a member of Blast, or Black Stones, at 15 years of age, and is the youngest member of the band. Though seemingly being mature, the other band members did not acknowledge Shin's age until post-audition. Shin was born in Sweden, he speaks British English with a Swedish accent. Shin's mother committed suicide soon after he was born. His mother's husband raised him as his second son, but never had any warm feelings towards him. His brother is 3 years older than him and despises him. Therefore his life was devoid of parental love. Due to his dysfunctional family, Shin ran away from home.

After moving to Japan, Shin met Ryoko Kawashigi, an airline stewardess, who works as his pimp and introduces him to alcohol and drugs. He moonlights as a male prostitute with Reira being one of his clients. Among other things, he is an expert mahjong player, a confidant and early roommate to Nobu.

He stops seeing Reira to protect her status and his own feelings —also possibly sparked from fear by Takumi's warning. Ryoko Kawashigi, his pimp, bears a striking resemblance to Reira and he sees her again after the two musicians ended their relationship.

Ryoko lives at the same apartment complex as his family, so he instructs around his assistant to drive him there instead of his dorms. Near Christmas, by someone's tip-off, he and Ryoko were caught and put under arrest for possession of marijuana which caused Blast to withdraw from their tour. In the future chapters, it is shown that he has become an actor.

Physical appearance

Shin's hair was naturally brown, but he mostly wore it dyed light blue. He had brown eyes, though he sometimes wore color contacts. Shin also had multiple piercings, including four in his left ear, five in his right ear, one of which extends on a chain to his lip. He wore punk style clothing and often borrowed Nobu's expensive clothes. Like Nana Osaki, he wore a lot of Vivienne Westwood.

Personality and traits

Behind the scenes

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Character notes

  • Shin is a major supporting character in the manga, Nana.




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