Sachiko Kawamura (川村幸子 Kawamura Sachiko) is Shoji's new sweet-natured girlfriend. They were getting close while he was dating Nana, which she did not agree to be his girlfriend until Shoji broke up with Nana. She works at the same restaurant and studies at the same university with Shoji.


Early on in the manga, Hachi once dreamt of Shoji two-timing her with a buxom, Prada-loving city girl named Sachiko (she thought of the name randomly). Ominously, it later turned out to be true, though the real Sachiko is nothing like "virtual" Sachiko. Interestingly, Hachi also plays with the idea of naming her unborn daughter Sachiko. They started dating after he slept with her when he was supposed to break up with her.

Sachiko was seen running out of a building and Shoji running after her. Then Nana K. and Nana O. saw them hugging. Nana O. attempted to punch Shoji, but Sachiko defended him. 

Physical appearance

She's a petite, young woman with short light brown hair the hugs all around her head (Except for the short bangs that let her young face show.) The height difference between her and Shoji could make one assume her a young teen and she wears light pink lipstick.
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Personality and traits

Appearing frail and innocent, Sachiko is actually an outgoing and kind lady.

Behind the scenes

  • Sachiko first appears as "Virtual Sachiko" in chapter 2, when Nana Komatsu imagines Shoji cheating on her and thinks up the name randomly.
  • The "real Sachiko" appears in chapter 5. After, her story was finished she appeared less often in the manga.


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