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"There's a Sex Pistols' cover and other young punk stuff. There's a lot of individuality and nothing fits nicely into one genre."
Mai Tsuzuki's description of the album.[src]

Punk Night from Nana (日本語タイトル: PUNK NIGHT-from「NANA」/ オムニバス[1]) is collaborative indie album by nine bands based on Blast of Nana. It was released on September 26, 2003, and distributed by King Records.[2]

The album includes to cover songs of the Sex Pistols, "Seventeen" and "Anarchy in the UK." Most of the artists were just emerging at the time.


A compilation album featuring the popular manga "Nana" (Ai Yazawa) in the Monthly Cookie magazine. Featuring members from School Bus Records led by Takemura (Snail Ramp), & more.[1]


The album was promoted alongside, Nana's Song Is My Song in the bonus pages of volume 9 by Ai Yazawa. Yazawa had it hyped up by the characters, Misato Uehara and Nobu Terashima. It was also featured in Nana's first Family Times.

The song are suppose to be inspired by Blasts' first concert in Tokyo.

Track list

No. TitleLyrics Length
1. "SEVENTEEN"  flower  
2. "ANARCHY IN THE U.K."  flower  
3. "What is Love?"  Neko Beddo  
4. "One Chance"  Neko Beddo  
5. "honey song"  Teishincho  
6. "funk me up"  Teishincho  
7. "Tsukiyo" (月夏)HANDUH  
8. "Yoru to Koma" (夜と独楽)HANDUH  
9. "B.L."  maegashira  
10. "FACE"  maegashira  
11. "Ai love Ai" (愛 love 愛)S.R.O.D.~sugarcreation  
12. "do i want?"  S.R.O.D~sugarcreation  
13. "Seventeen Gun" (セブンティーン・ガン)CREEPS  
14. "Aratanaru Ippo" (新たなる一歩)CREEPS  
15. "Mada Minu Koibito" (まだ見ぬ恋人)Kaminari and Rokkettsu  
16. "Cigarette"  Kaminari and Rokkettsu  
17. "Hanbunko" (はんぶんこ)Bivattchee  
18. "Seishun no Honoo" (青春の炎)Bivattchee  


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