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Olivia Inspi' Reira (Trapnest) is an album released by Olivia Lufkin under the record label, Cutting Edge. The album was first published on February 28, 2007. It is composed entirely of music from the Nana anime, performed by Olivia for the character Reira Serizawa.

The CD had a circulation of roughly 50,000 copies. It includes "A Little Pain," "Wish/Starless Night," as well as previously unpublished songs. It was simultaneously released on DVD also.


Additionally to three pre-released songs inspired by Reira are several new songs, including "Shadow of Love," "Tell Me," "Rock You," and "Winter Sleep." "Shadow of Love" is the equivalent of Trapnest's single, "Trust" in the manga. The CD includes three live versions of "A Little Pain," "Wish," and "Recorded Butterflies." "Recorded Butterflies" was first featured in episode 18 of the anime.

On the DVD version, two live performances and an animation clip of "A Little Pain" are included.


No. TitleLyricsMusicArrangers Length
1. "A Little Pain"  Olivia Lufkin, Masumi KawamuraHiroo YamaguchiTomoji Sogawa  
2. "Wish"  Lufkin, ChazneLufkin, ruiSogawa, kansei, rui  
3. "Starless Night"  Lufkin, Space CritterHideyuki ObataTomoji Sogawa  
4. "Shadow of Love"  Lufkin, ChazneLufkin, ruirui, kansei  
5. "Tell Me"  LufkinLufkin, ruirui, kansei  
6. "Rock You"  Chazne, EclipseNaruya Ihashikansei, rui  
7. "Winter Sleep"  Eclipserui, Lufkinrui, kansei  
8. "Recorded Butterflies (Studio Live)"  Kawamura, Lufkinrui, Lufkinkansei, rui  
9. "Wish (Live)"  Lufkin, Chaznerui, LufkinSogawa, kansei, rui  
10. "A Little Pain (Studio Live)"  Lufkin, KawamuraYamaguchiSogawa  

DVD extras

  • Nana Special Street Live at Shinjuku Station Square on June 25, 2006:
    1. "A Little Pain"
    2. "SpiderSpins"
  • A Little Pain: Trapnest original animation clip (Studio Live TV size version)


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