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Nana Best is an album featuring music from the Nana anime. Each song is either recorded by Olivia Lufkin or Anna Tsuchiya.

It includes all the opening and ending music, and "zero", "Shadow of Love", and "Recorded Butterflies". New songs are Lufkin's, "Nothing's Gonna Take My Love" and Tsuchiya's cover of the Sex Pistols', "Anarchy in the UK".


DVD version

Some of the songs were previously released on either Anna Tsuchiya Inspi' Nana (Black Stones) or Olivia Inspi' Reira (Trapnest).

Nana Best was released in two versions CD and CD&DVD. The DVD version includes all the openings and endings creditless, and four additional animation videos. A mouse pad and a booklet with a message from Ai Yazawa was also included. The album was released one week before the last episode of the anime aired.

Olivia Lufkin's brother, Jeffrey contributed to "Nothing's Gonna Take My Love". He and Olivia often collaborate together.


No. TitleLyricsMusicArrangers Length
1. "Rose"  ANNAAyumi MiyazakiAyumi Miyazaki 3:49
2. "A Little Pain"  Olivia, Masumi KawamuraHiroo YamaguchiTomoji Sogawa 5:17
3. "zero"  ANNAKatsumi OhnishiKatsumi Ohnishi 3:50
4. "Wish"  Olivia, ChazneOlivia, ruirui, kansei, Tomoji Sogawa 3:45
5. "Starless Night"  Olivia, Space CritterHideyuki ObataTomoji Sogawa 4:16
6. "Kuroi Namida"  Megumi TakeuchiHiroki NagaseGary Newby 5:10
7. "Lucy"  ANNA, Rie EtoCOZZiCOZZi 3:29
8. "Stand by Me"  Katsumi OhnishiKatsumi Ohnishi  4:48
9. "Shadow of Love"  Chazne, Oliviarui, Oliviakansei, rui 4:25
10. "Winter Sleep"  Eclipserui, Oliviakansei, rui 6:00
11. "Anarchy in the UK"  Paul Thomas Cook, Stephen Philip Jones, Glen Matlock, Johnny RottenPaul Thomas Cook, Stephen Philip Jones, Johnny Rotten  3:23
12. "Lucy (Studio Live version)"  ANNA, Rie EtoCOZZiCOZZi 3:32
13. "Nothing's Gonna Take My Love"  OliviaOlivia, Jeffrey Lufkinkansei, rui 4:33
14. "Recorded Butterflies (Live version)"  Olivia, Masumi KawamuraOlivia, rui  4:57

DVD extras

  • "Wish", "Lucy", "Kuroi Namida", "A Little Pain", "Starless Night", "Rose", "Stand by Me", and "Winter Sleep" creditless opening and ending clips
  • "Kuroi Namida", "Lucy", "A Little Pain" (studio live version), and "Wish" animation clips


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