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Nana Movie: Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack for the Nana 2 movie. The soundtrack features Mika Nakashima's "ALTAnative" version of "Hitoiro", and Yuna Ito's "Truth".


The soundtrack was released in two versions, CD and CD/DVD. The DVD version includes, a music video for "Hitoiro" and "Truth", and a pair of NANA themed gloves and bobby pins.

Tadashi Ueda, who previously worked on the music for the first Nana film, wrote all the music for the Nana 2 soundtrack as well.


No. TitleLyricsMusicArrangers Length
1. "Hitoiro (ALTAnative version)"  Ai YazawaTakuroTakuro, Masahide Sakuma  
2. "L'ouverture"       
3. "Corale"       
4. "Old Days"       
5. "Fired March"       
6. "An Affair"       
7. "Little Secret"       
8. "Il Valzer Felice"       
9. "Through the Window"       
10. "Sola"       
11. "The Moon"       
12. "Fire Works"       
13. "Fantasia"       
14. "Fervore Freddo"       
15. "Pavana"       
16. "Preludio"       
17. "L'ora"       
18. "The Moon 2"       
19. "La porta"       
20. "Movimento"       
21. "Finale"       
22. "Truth"  Mami Takubo, Narumi YamamotoKoji Goto   

DVD extras

  • Nana starring Mika Nakashima "Hitoiro" (live version)
  • Reira starring Yuna Ito "Truth" (short clip version)


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