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Nana: Everything Is Controlled by the Great Demon King!? (ナナ: すべては大魔王のお導き!? Nana: Subete wa Daimaō no Omichibiki!?) is a video game based on Nana released by Konami on July 6, 2006 for the PSP. Many of the voice actors from the anime voice their respective characters in the game.

The game is different in many aspects from the first Nana game, such as characters in "chibi" form, and the game board setting.


The setting is fashioned as a game board. A dice is provided for the player to move across the board. Gameplay is set up into several rounds, after every three rounds Blast or Trapnest perform live.[1]

The player can be friends with their favorite Nana characters, buy clothes, or decorate their room. Sabrina, Jackson Hole, and Apartment 707 are some of the many locations in the game.

Cast and characters

Character Actor/Actress[2]
Nana Komatsu Kaori
Nana Osaki Romi Park
Ren Honjo Hidenobu Kiuchi
Yasushi Takagi Yoshihisa Kawahara
Nobuo Terashima Tomokazu Seki
Shinichi Okazaki Akira Ishida
Layla Serizawa Aya Hirano
Junko Saotome Takako Honda
Misato Uehara Mika Kanai
Naoki Fujieda Anri Katsu
Ginpei Moroboshi Fumihiko Tachiki

Other characters


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