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"The music genres range from rock, pop, ska, blues—whatever! There are lots of sad songs that'll make you cry!"
Misato Uehara hyping up the album to Nobuo Terashima[src]

Nana's Song Is My Song is the second album inspired by Nana. Bands featuring a female vocalist submitted demos to the contest to be chosen for the album. It is estimated that almost a thousand entries were sent in, and only thirteen of them won.


Various female artists with a set of 13 presented to Comics "NANA" popular. It is a collection of those works were composed by applicants, who sang feelings and state of mind of the characters and the hero, or any scene.[1]


Nana's Song Is My Song was promoted alongside, Punk Night from Nana in the bonus pages of volume 9. Misato Uehara with Nobuo Terashima talked about the aspects of it, and was also featured in The Family Times of the same volume.

Track list

No. TitleLyrics Length
1. "Maaburu" (マーブル)Battle Bomb Rounge  
2. "Kimi no Namae" (君ノ名前)SAVAGE GENIUS  
3. "Rakuen no Tobira" (楽園の扉)Burukapu  
4. "Shin-ai" (親愛)Chihiroizu  
5. "Lotus Blues"  Olive  
6. "Thanks"  Bama☆sister  
7. "Toi" (問い)Buruu Furoggu  
8. "Not be mine"  GREEN BEAR  
9. "Kanaderu Kami" (奏デル神)RK ROSEBUD  
10. "NO TITLE"  Chiharu Yamaoka  
11. "Mayonaka no Asu" (真夜中の朝日)Nanae Kakimoto  
13. "Atashi no Hana" (あたしの花)Ann  


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