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Nakamura (中村) is a video store clerk. Nana Komatsu had a crush on him, and also worked with him.


Nakamura started working at the video store sometime before Nana Komatsu became a regular customer. Nana eventually confessed to him, and he rejected her, perhaps believing her to be too young.

Possibly a year later, Nakamura is still working at the Video Rental store, when Nana also started working there. During the short period of that she worked there, he would often ask her out. He was also there, when Nana decided to quit.

Physical appearance

Nakamura's most prominent feature is his glasses and his short bangs, which Nana tried to copy. His hair has noticeably grown out to reach his ears in his next appearance. Nakamura has been seen wearing button-down shirts, one had a Vivienne Westwood orb on it. Polo's, t-shirts, and sweaters were another part of his wardrobe. He also has two piercings on his left ear.

Behind the scenes

  • Nakamura was Nana's second crush and the only one she confessed to.