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"Hey listen up! All these musicians who love Nana came together, regardless of the contractual agreements with their record labels"
Misato telling Nobu about the album.[src]

Love for Nana, also known as Love for NANA ~Only 1 Tribute~, is a tribute album released by Sony Music Entertainment [1] on March 16, 2005. It was released in both limited and regular edition.

Many major label artists performed for the album against the agreements on their contracts. Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols also, provided a song for the album with The Philistines, and Holly Cook.


An album dedicated to a popular comic "Nana" by Ai Yazawa. Featured artists include Ai Otsuka, Tommy heavenly6, Tetsu 69, and more (expected). This limited edition comes housed in a special Amaray keepcase. Sleeve cover artwork is "BLACK STONES" version.[2]


Love for Nana was promoted by Ai Yazawa in the bonus pages of volume 12. She has Misato Uehara along with Nobu Terashima hype up the album.

Tetsu69's "REVERSE" is also used for the background music of the Nana video game.

Track list

No. TitleLyrics Length
1. "BEAT 7〜The Theme of LOVE for NANA〜"  Toshihiko Takamizawa  
2. "GIMME ALL OF YOUR LOVE!!" (for Black Stones)Tommy heavenly6  
3. "Twinkle" (for Black Stones)Kaela Kimura  
4. "REVERSE" (for Trapnest)TETSU69  
5. "stay away" (for Black Stones)abingdon boys school  
6. "I miss you?" (for Black Stones)Do As Infinity  
7. "Bambino" (for Trapnest)Tomoyasu Hotei feat. Miho Moribayashi  
8. "Sleepwalking" (for Black Stones)Glen Matlock & The Philistines feat. Hollie Cook  
9. "Sugar Guitar" (for Trapnest)SKYE SWEETNAM  
10. "Reimei Jidai" (for Black Stones)JAPAHARINET  
11. "BLACK CROW" (for Black Stones)SEX MACHINEGUNS  
12. "Two Hearts" (for Trapnest)ZONE  
13. "Cherish" (for Trapnest)Ai Otsuka  



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