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 Kyosuke Takakura is an art student currently residing in Tokyo, Japan. He currently attends Tokyo F Art College, and previously attended Naruse Art School. He shares an apartment with his girlfriend, Junko Saotome.

His good friend, Shoji Endo, also attends the same school as him.


High school

Kyosuke met his good friend, Shoji in high school. They were both "players" during this time.

Art school

He began attending Naruse Art School with Shoji in April 1999.[2] Shoji introduced him to Junko Saotome and Nana Komatsu. He became interested Junko and began dating her.

Together, they started applying to art colleges in Tokyo. His friends, Shoji and Nana, also started applying. Kyosuke and Junko got accepted into their first choice school in November 1999.


Kyosuke began attending Tokyo F Art School in April 2000 with Junko. He lived by himself somewhere before moving in with her. Shoji, who also moved to Tokyo, and Kyosuke would often hang out at Jackson Hole, along with Junko.

Personality and traits

"Why are you always so laid back?!"

Kyosuke is very laid-back and handles all situations calmly in contrast to Junko, who can be high-strung at times. He tends to coddle girls, especially Nana.

Physical appearance

His most notable feature is his dreadlocks, which he has had for years. He usually ties his dreads back and pairs them with a headband or rasta hat. His early style was somewhat reminiscent of musician, Bob Marley, later his style becomes more sophisticated. Kyosuke appears to be fond of sunglasses and cowboy hats.

Kyosuke shaves his facial hair to a small goatee on his chin. He also has five piercings, two on one ear and three on the other.


Junko Saotome

Kyosuke and Junko caught making out

"They're so domesticated, like an old couple. They must be totally married by now"
—Nana Komatsu's reaction to them living together[src]

Kyosuke, Junko and Shoji had knew each other since middle school. Kyosuke met Junko and their mutual friend Shoji again at art school in April 1999. Junko invited them over to her apartment to celebrate their encounter in the same class. They drank some beer and started talking. The next morning Nana Komatsu woke up to find them making out. It is implied they started dating sometime after that.

Eventually they moved to Tokyo, where they started living together. They both have a passion for art and attend the same art college.

Shoji Endo

Shoji and Kyosuke have been good friends since high school.

Nana Komatsu

Kyosuke often coddles Nana, unlike Junko, who mostly just scolds her. Although they are the same age, Kyosuke is a father figure for Nana.

Behind the scenes

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  • Kyosuke first appeared in the first prologue of Nana and has become a recurring character since.
  • He is voiced by Junichi Suwabe in the anime adaptation and Michael Adamthwaite in the English dub.






  1. Kyosuke is the same age as Nana Komatsu.
  2. College usually begins on April 1st in Japan.