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The Jackson Hole is the restaurant bar that Hachi, Shoji, Jun and Kyosuke frequent.   

It is located in Tokyo and sells the 'world famous' Jackson burgers.   

Koichi Sato works there as a waiter.  

Behind the scenes

  • The Jackson Hole is actually a real place located in Chōfu, Tokyo.  
  • Ai Yazawa was a frequent customer at another restaurant the Jackson Hole owner used to run, when she asked if she could include the restaurant in her manga he suggested she used his then new restaurant, the Jackson Hole, instead.
    Jackson Hole NANA

    Ai Yazawa's autograph on display at the restaurant.

  • Not only do they actually sell Jackson burgers but there are also drawings and an autograph from Ai Yazawa on the first floor of the restaurant. 
  • The Jackson Hole's Instagram can be found here which Ai Yazawa follows and regularly comments on the posts.
    Jackson Hole Real

    The real Jackson Hole in Chōfu.

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