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Isono (磯野) is a married hairdresser that styled Nana Komatsu's hair before she started art school.


Isono began working at a salon near F Train Station before March 1999. After graduation, Nana Komatsu came to the salon and he styled her hair. Nana told him to cut it anyway he likes, therefore he had cut it very short. She had a brief crush on him, until she learned he was married.

Physical appearance

Isono is only seen once with short, half-spiked hair. He was also wearing a button-down shirt and surrounded by sparkles.

Behind the scenes

  • Isono, like Okamoto, Yoshida, Matsushita, and Kawasaki, were all crushes of Nana Komatsu, and only appeared in the first prologue.
  • He only appears in Junko's memory bubble of that day.
  • Isono is mentioned again in the bonus pages of volume 2, regarding an error in a fan found in volume 1.