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"Endless Story" is the first single by Yuna Ito for the Nana film. The song reached #2 on the daily and weekly Oricon charts during it's first week. It reached #1 on the daily charts several times in the following weeks. In 2007, the single had sold 471,099 copies.

"Journey" and the instrumental versions of it and "Endless Story" are included on the single.


"Endless Story" is a pop ballad meant to represent Trapnest's sound and Reira Serizawa's voice, who Ito portrays in the Nana film. Oricon named it "Best Love Song of 2005".

The song samples Dawn Thomas's "If I'm Not in Love", which is featured on the Indecent Proposal soundtrack. "If I'm Not in Love" was also covered by Faith Hill for her 1999 album, Breathe.


No. TitleLyricsMusicArrangers Length
1. "Endless Story"  ATS-, Dawn Thomas HΛL 5:03
2. "Journey"  Saeko NishioYuta NakanoDaiki Kasho, Shinya Saito 5:22





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