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Brute was a punk band that Ren Honjo and Yasushi Takagi played in, before Blast, when Ren was in his 3rd year of High School. Other members except Ren, were older than him and outside of his school.


It's possible the band was formed by Yasu. Nobuo Terashima was fan of this band, or more precisely huge Ren fan. It was disbanded due to the members losing interest in playing together, around the time when Nobu was a 2nd year at High School (17 years old, and Ren then 19). After that Ren said that he doesn't want to play with random guys anymore, so Yasu and Ren suggested to Nobu to become guitarist in their new band, then they got Nana to be their vocalist, and thus they formed Blast.

At least once Ren made Nobuo Terashima sell tickets for Brute's performance (Nobu was a 1st year in High School (16 years old then). Nobu went to see them too, with his friends, and that's when he decided that he wants to join a punk band as well.




Was a punk guy with aggressive screaming style of singing.

"...I could never tell if he was singing, or screaming... or sometimes even going off tune."
— Nobu about Brute's vocalist [1]



Was a guy who broke all rules, had no respect for anything, and can finish a whole bottle of beer while playing.


Ren Honjo

Was very popular among the female fans and was known to sleep around with them.


Yasu Takagi

He was only one in the band who looked normal (he still had hair at the beginning of that), played properly and on beat.




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